Andrea Pretti, born in 1952, has been a football agent since 1991. In 1995, He became one of the first Italian football agents to get the FIFA football agent license. Andrea used to be a sport journalist. He worked 10 years for the Gazzetta dello sport and 7 years for RAI, during this period, he made reports of many important international sporting events.


As a football agent, he has worked with many top players such as Damiano Tommasi, co-founder of TPS ; Igli Tare, the historical captain of the national team of Albania whom played as striker for Kaiserslautern, Brescia, Bologna and Lazio ; the Italian national player Carlo Nervo; the under-21 national player Ivan Franceschini, defender of Parma, Marseilles, Genoa and Turin; Stefano Fattori, the captain of Hellas Verona and Torino; Francisco Lima, the Brazilian midfielder of Lecce, Bologna and Rome; Andrea Campagnolo, goalkeeper of Reggina, Catania and Siena. In collaboration with foreign partners, he also dandled other players, such as the Romanian national players Adrian Mutu, Cristian Chivu, Paul Codrea and Bogdan Lobont.


Directly, or in cooperation, he has also make numerous prestigious international transfers, including Mutu from Parma to Chelsea; Chivu from Ajax to Roma; Lobont, from Ajax to Fiorentina; Tommasi from Roma to Levant and consequently to the Queen's Park Rangers; Radu, from Dinamo Bucharest to Lazio.


In 2006, he made his first trip to China. Since 2009, following the transfer of Damiano Tommasi to Tianjin Teda, he has started his activity in China. At the end of the same year, he founded the TPS. During the following 5 years, he has focused most of his professional efforts on it. He has also studied Chinese football carefully, which results in the development of projects for schools football, football transfer market strategies, promotion of sports and educational events.


In May 2014, he was awarded the prestigious Maurice Maestrelli Prix as "Italian Ambassador to the East, strong reference and accredited Italian sports model at 360 °."


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