TPS (Tommasi Pretti Sports Co., Ltd.) is an agency of sports management, operates in China, mainly deals with football. It was born at the end of Damiano Tommasi's professional experience in Chinese Super League at Tianjin Teda club. It aims to serve as a bridge between the chinese football and the international football, especially the Italian and European ones.


TPS is a Chinese company, it has offices and operational headquarters in Beijing and Tianjin. In addition to the traditional activities, which are the transfer of foreign players at CSL and China League One, TPS also works for larger projects, they are: technical training for coaches, athletic trainers, goalkeeping coaches, the planning and design of football schools and youth sectors, exchanges with major international clubs, as well as events organization, such as friendly matches or tournaments. Being in China since the end of 2009, Tommasi Pretti Sports is the only international sports agency presents in China and employs permanent Italian and Chinese staff.


During its first five years, TPS has been concentrated on the study and analysis of the Chinese football, collecting information through direct inspections at clubs, structures dedicated to the youth football; meeting people whom are in charge of activities which are related to football.


Despite the Italian background, due to the TPS's international experience, gained during the past 20 years of international activities, it has exclusive partners in Europe, South America, Central America, Africa and the rest of the world, thus ensuring an exclusive coverage in all important nations in terms of football. It can also provide an effective observation and research of players, coaches and managers specifically indicated for Chinese football.


Room 3707 - Building A

Phoenix City - Shuguangxili A5

Chaoyang  District

100028 - Beijing

Telephone: 0086-010-84406572